Kids City Tours (4 Places)

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The Three Chiefs Monument an impressive historical statue that marks an important turning point in the history of Botswana in 1885; the adventurous Bonnington farms where Cecil John Rhodes resided, Government Enclave buildings with the Parliament, BDF
Monument in the forefront and the Sir Seretse Khama Statue; Art on display at the National Art Gallery; Main Mall shops,craft stalls,city town council and the Catholic.Find exhibits on the ora of Botswana with walking trails at the Botanical gardens,the Thapong Visual Arts Centre is home to Botswana’s young,gifted – and sometimes avant-garde – artists .Learn about effective technologies fo r resource conservation and waste management at the Ecological Park, Experience the life source of Gaborone and its surrounding areas-Gaborone dam.


Not forgetting the **Free Face Painting**

From USD 3

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  •  Free face painting :) 
  • The Three Chiefs Monument
  • Bonnington farms
  • Cecil John Rhodes
  • Government Enclave buildings with the Parliament
  •  BDF Monument
  • The Sir Seretse Khama Statue
  •  National Art Gallery
  • Main Mall shops
  • Main Mall craft stalls
  • Main Mall city town council
  • The Catholic
  • Botanical gardens
  • Thapong Visual Arts Centre
  • Ecological Park
  • Gaborone dam.


  1. Gaborone